Can I create a corpus of Rs 15 lakh in 2-3 years?

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Oct 11, 2018, 05.43 PM IST

I earn one lakh rupees a month and I wish to invest in mutual funds. At present, I have no exposure to equity. I am paying a home loan of Rs 35,000. Can you please advise me on the amount and type of mutual funds I should invest in? My goal is to create a corpus of Rs 15 lakh in two to three yars. I have a medium risk appetite.
— Naresh Shendge

Raghvendra Nath, managing director, Ladderup Wealth Management, responds:

You have not mentioned the surplus funds available after your monthly household and other expenses. Assuming you have Rs 30,000 surplus every month for next three years, @15 per cent p.a. return, you can reach a corpus of approx. Rs 13.5 lakhs at the end of three years. Ideally equity investments should have an investment horizon of three year +.

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