Kotak Standard Multicap Fund: Fund Review

In times of uneven earnings growth, it makes sense to be invested with schemes which offer the comfort of investments in companies of different sizes along with the advantage of safe debt exposure. Allocation towards these avenues makes a considerable difference in the long term as they marry best of both the worlds: equity and debt. One such scheme is Kotak Standard Multicap.

Fund manager Harsha Upadhyaya has been managing the scheme for over six years. The scheme invests close to 80% of its funds in equities and close to 20% into debt. It must be noted that a large part of the scheme’s equity portfolio is invested in large-sized companies which protects the downside given their relatively stable balance sheet and dominant market share which helps them put up reasonably good financial performance even in adverse market conditions.

In the past three-year and five-year periods, the scheme has given 12.6% and 18.6% returns while its benchmark Nifty 200 TRI index has given 12.5% and 14% returns in the same periods, respectively. An interesting aspect of the scheme’s portfolio is though it has high exposure to large-sized companies its exposure to mid-sized companies is sufficiently higher than its benchmark which helps it gain favourably from select mid-cap growth stories.


Expert Take

Rupesh Bhansali, head-mutual funds, GEPL Capital

One of the key advantages of investing in this scheme is it is extremely focused on protecting the downside of the returns. The combination of debt and equity in the portfolio has helped the scheme in putting up better performance than its peers in almost all market cycles. This scheme is recommended not only to conservative investors but also to non-conservative investors with a time-frame of at least three-years.

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