Perlin & NITI Aayog Launch Global AI Hackathon Focused on Helping 1.6 Billion People

Perlin has announced it is sponsoring the AI for All Global Hackathon working closely with NITI Aayog (the Indian Government’s leading innovation think tank) and PT Telkom (Indonesia’s largest telco with 180M users). Both global economic powerhouses, India and Indonesia are the world’s largest developing democracies with a total combined population of around 1.6 billion people, which accounts for over 20% of all people on the planet. Working with teams in both countries, developers around the world will have a rare opportunity to submit ideas for how innovation in AI can be leveraged to make a lasting and meaningful positive impact on people living in those nations. Initially focused on communities based in India, the hackathon partners have a vision for the winning AI use cases developed to be also scaled for implementation in Indonesia and globally.

“The AI 4 AI Hackathon underscores the commitment of NITI Aayog to supporting meaningful social, economic and technological advancements directed at making people’s lives better.” said Aalekh Sharan, OSD to the CEO of NITI Aayog, “We also believe India is ideally positioned as a thought-leader and regional economic power to help bring the benefits of innovation in AI and distributed computing to communities in developing countries around the world.”

Perlin will take a lead role in running the AI 4 All Global Hackathon and providing early access to its decentralized cloud compute platform to support AI teams. Perlin’s cloud network is based on world-leading distributed computing technology that utilizes the vast amounts of idle computational power currently sitting unused on computers, phones, and other smart devices. By allowing device owners to rent out their idle compute power, Perlin will also help foster greater economic participation for people in impoverished communities around the world by allowing them to access an entirely new source of passive income.

“The Perlin team is incredibly excited to work closely with teams in both India and Indonesia, as the world’s two most populous and influential developing democracies.” explained Dorjee Sun, CEO of Perlin, “As a source of significantly cheaper, secure, reliable and socially conscious cloud compute power, we want our decentralized cloud platform to support the work of the world’s best and brightest AI developers. And by effectively redistributing the huge revenues from a cloud market estimated to be worth $300B by 2021, we will also empower struggling communities globally.”

In addition to appointees from Perlin, NITI Aayog and Telkom, internationally recognised pioneers in the AI sector and tech industry leaders have already been appointed to the prestigious judges panel, including:

Hackathon winners will share in a total prize pool worth USD $50,000 in both cash and non-cash rewards, which will include cloud compute power on the Perlin platform. Participants and winners will also get exposure to the world class judging panel and major sponsors, with winners invited to officially partner with Perlin, NITI Aayog, Telkom and other hackathon sponsors to further develop and implement their AI use case. Most importantly, winning teams will be supported to make a real and lasting positive impact on real people’s lives.

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