Plutus’ App and debit card are leading the market in allowing customers to spend their cryptocurrencies securely. Its system is the first that is safe for customers, easy for merchants and acceptable to banks. The bounty programme creates another layer of security which benefits the crypto community by offering rewards for identifying bugs.

A jackpot of $3,000 (paid in Pluton, the house digital currency) and rewards of up to $500 (paid in Pluton) will be offered for the identification and notification of qualifying bugs such as interference interaction, accessing other user sessions and bypassing login processes. Plutus will also offer a minimum $100 reward for the identification of smaller vulnerabilities that do not meet the severity criteria but improve overall security.

Danial Daychopan, Plutus CEO and founder, says “We are confident that the introduction of a bounty programme will appeal to our communities and become an integral part of our security systems that will ensure the integrity of a system that allows you to spend cryptocurrencies safely at over 40 million outlets across the globe”.

Security has been central to the development of Plutus’ ideas, leading to the creation of a push-only system and purchases are verified using the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, secured by the most powerful distributed computing networks in the world.

Customers can top up their Plutus app or debit card with Bitcoin, Ether or even Pluton and then spend it anywhere. The unique PlutusDEX platform exchanges the crypto to sterling or euros as soon as the payment is made, and the merchant gets paid immediately without additional fees.

The Plutus DEX platform is a peer to peer exchange system where customers can swap pounds and euros for Bitcoin, Ether or Pluton and vice versa.

Plutus began in 2015, raising over $1 million in a crowdfunding round. The company was voted one of the fintech start-ups of the year.

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